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When I began the application process I was overwhelmed with all the deadlines, essays, and forms. The entire process was confusing and vague. However, Julie was able to clarify what needed to be done and helped me organize my time to complete my applications.

While the internet can be a helpful tool to learn about college applications, it can be hard to navigate because so much information is thrown at you simultaneously. Julie was able to walk me through the entire process one step at a time and made it far less intimidating. She also gave me fantastic advice about what colleges were looking for in their applicants. A lot of this advice I couldn't even find online.

In addition to being extremely knowledgeable and helpful, Julie was super kind and suppportive of me. She was always happy to help and genuinely cared for my success. The application process can be a deeply stressful undertaking, so it's super important to have a friend like Julie by your side. 

With her help, I was able to greatly improve how I presented myself to colleges. I applied during the most competitive college application season ever. And, without her, my application wouldn't have been as great as it was. I applied to TOP colleges and got accepted into Stanford University, USC, UCLA, UC Berkeley, Vanderbilt and many more. I didn't get rejected by ANY of the colleges I applied to!

If you want to make your application as good as it can be and want the best college application tips you can get, work with Julie!

Lia and Robert

As parents originally from Indonesia, we didn't know anything about the college process here in the United States. It seemed daunting and complicated. We were worried, but luckily we met Julie.

We are extremely grateful and pleased with Julie's expertise and support throughout our son's college application process. She was essential in providing guidance through the highly competitive world of top tier college admissions, and also with ensuring our son's college application demonstrated his genuine character, passions, and interest. With her help, he was admitted to his dream colleges. 

We have already scheduled time for her to meet with our younger daughter!

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